Code 2 – Double Down Promotional Code in 400K Chips 10/04/21

Code 2 – Double Down Promotional Code in 400K Chips 10/04/21

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The 5 Best Online Bachelor’s Programs In Psychology for 2021

Find a university in the United States Thinking about majoring in psychology? An undergraduate psychology degree online will not only open doors to what could become a versatile career, but it can also offer you the opportunity to continue your education and become a psychologist, which is a field with high average salaries and steady career growth. As of 2020, the median annual wage for psychologists was about $82,180. The field also had a projected job growth of about 3% through 2029 — which is on par with the national average in all fields.To accomplish your goal of becoming a psychologist or obtaining a position in a similar field, you’ll need to start with a bachelor’s degree. Online bachelor’s programs in psychology will offer you both the flexibility and affordability you are looking for in a school. And, some of the best schools also offer the cheapest online psychology degrees, making the cost of obtaining your bachelor’s degree in psychology more affordable. Featured Online Programs Figuring out where to apply? These top, accredited schools offer a variety of online degrees. Consider one of these accredited programs, and discover their value today. LSE MBA ESSENTIALS University of London This London School of Economics and Political Science online certificate course helps you gain holistic business skills from anywhere in the world, in just 10 weeks. Master business strategy, finance and leadership, guided by expert LSE faculty.

How Open Enrollment Works

Open enrollment, sometimes called open admission, means a college’s only admission criteria is that students have a high school diploma or GED. That’s right – the school will accept all applicants with proof of successful high school completion or the equivalent. Space may be limited, though, so if there are more applicants than available seats, some may be waitlisted. Most community colleges have open admission since they’re public institutions with the goal of making an associate degree affordable for all students. Many for-profit colleges also typically use open enrollment. Some four-year public universities and a handful of private colleges — many of them religious in nature — also have open admission policies. Although open enrollment grants admission to anyone with a diploma, there’s still a process to follow. In most cases, here’s what you’ll need to complete and submit by the college’s stated application deadline: Placement tests Application forms Fees Proof of high school graduation Additional documentation and proof of English proficiency for international students

Here Are the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Online Psychology Degrees

How much does an online psychology degree cost?

As with anything, the cost of your online bachelor’s degree in psychology will vary based on a number of factors. On average, an online bachelor’s degree will cost anywhere from $38,496 to $60,593 in total, according to U.S. News data. What you will end up paying will be calculated based on the credit hours you take, the degree program you choose, the scholarship or financial aid money you qualify for, and many other factors.

How long does an online psychology degree take to complete?

How long it takes to complete an online psychology degree will depend on the number of college credits you have, the number of courses you take per semester, and the requirements of the program you choose. On average, it will take about four years to complete a bachelor’s degree program in psychology online. If the program is accelerated, it may be completed in less time.How long it takes to complete an online psychology degree will depend on the number of college credits you have, the number of courses you take per semester, and the requirements of the program you choose. On average, it will take about four years to complete a bachelor’s degree program in psychology online. If the program is accelerated, it may be completed in less time.


The first thing you need to do when deciding on a degree program is to outline what your main goals and priorities are. If cost is the main issue, that will help you determine what program is best for you. If you want an accelerated program, that will tell you what factors to use to determine the best plan of action to meet your needs. Once you have your priorities outlined, check into the program’s reputation, licensing, and other important metrics to make sure it aligns with your goals.

The 5 Most Affordable Online Psychology Degrees of 2021

Rank School Location 1 University of Louisiana at Monroe Monroe, LA 2 Florida International University Miami, FL 3 Eastern Washington University Cheney, WA 4 Fayetteville State University Fayetteville, NC 5 McNeese State University Lake Charles, LA

Opportunities for an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

These online programs offer students the opportunity to earn their degree in a flexible and customized format. Because an undergraduate psychology degree can lead to a psychology career, it can also serve as preliminary training for areas such as medicine, law, business, human resources and police work. While enrolled in an online psychology program, students will gain knowledge about the methods and theories that underlie the field of psychology. They will be introduced to the scientific method as it applies to psychological research. All of this serves as an excellent foundation for students who plan to enter graduate training programs in psychology. Some programs support local internships for students who want to work in the field to start to make decisions about what direction to take their academic career. By earning an online bachelor’s degree in psychology students can move in a variety of academic and career directions.

Psychology Online Degree Overview

A bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate degree earned at a college after about four years of education. If you wish to pursue a career in psychology, a bachelor’s degree is the first step. You can major in psychology with a bachelor of arts (B.A.) or a bachelor of science (B.S.) degree. The psychology courses will generally be similar, but a bachelor of arts will include some humanities-based general education requirements, while a bachelor of science will emphasize science and math classes. A B.A. in psychology may require more counseling and theory classes, while a B.S. in science may require more research and clinical courses. Depending on the career in psychology you’re aiming for, you may choose to pursue a master’s and doctoral degree as well. After a four-year bachelor’s degree program, you’ll spend another two years working on a master’s degree, and two to four more years in a doctoral program. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to put your education into practice at clinical residencies and practicum rotations.

Psychology Degree Online Requirements

The admissions requirements and prerequisites will vary from program to program. In general, you will need to meet the requirements for admission to the college or university you are considering, which will be at least a high school diploma or GED. You may also need to submit standardized test scores, like SAT or ACT results, for admission. Other application requirements will vary. After you are admitted to the school you’ve applied to, you may also need to apply for admission to the psychology program at the school. Some majors require special applications to be admitted into the program.

Psychology Courses

You’ll have to complete a wide range of classes to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, including general education classes like math and English, as well as the required psychology courses in your major independent of the psychology concentration you choose. In general, this degree plan for this major will require you to take psychology classes like child and adult development, industrial-organizational psychology, and other behavioral science courses. You’ll likely need to complete electives as well, though the elective and graduation requirements will vary from school to school.

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